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Being a big fan of MMA I love catching up on the daily news. However with the large range of different news sites it could take hours to get the best news and sift through the rubbish. There didn't seem to be any decent aggregator websites dedicated to MMA that looked at the top sites and looked good at the same time.
This is why I decided create my own site and allow for users to personalise it to their liking. It also shows the top daily and weekly news items that people are looking at allowing visitors to quickly see what news items are popular.

Addicted to MMA
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Click here to visit the website www.addictedtomma.com


Addicted to MMA   Addicted to MMA   Addicted to MMA

After creating a website I decided that I would like to have a mobile friendly version that I could quickly pick up on my phone or tablet.
With the app it shows the latest news from each of the top news sites and allows you to read more about them taking you directly to the source. You can also quickly and easily share these news items on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, email and more.

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Click the following to get the app for your phone or tablet

Why not try our specifically designed Android app in the Google Play store?