Baby Soother

After looking in the play store and testing a number of different apps, none were suitable, they all had something wrong with them that I didn't like

  • App size too big.
  • Sound just cut suddenly when finished (I don't know about you, but my little one would wake straight up if the sounds were stopped and he hadn't gone into a deep enough sleep meaning I had to start the whole process again!)
  • Boring backgrounds.
  • Complicated or cumbersome.
  • Not the right sounds to make my baby go to sleep.
  • Clearly built by someone who has never had a baby or one in a long time.
  • And so on…
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Being a programmer I decided to write my own little app which addressed all these issues and has been working perfectly for me. I then passed it onto a few of my friends who had children recently and they love it too, sending their little one to sleep with none of the aggravation that the other apps gave them.

So I thought that I would pass the app onto everyone else so that it can help you too :)

Here are some of the benefits below:-

  • Small app size.
  • Simple menu and options for quick and easy access.
  • Option for countdown timer (which you can choose how long) or continuous sound.
  • Option for fading sound – the closer the countdown timer gets to zero the quieter the volume gets.
  • The best sounds to get you baby to calm down or fall asleep (more can be added just let me know what you would like).
  • Fun little animated character for when sound is playing.
Baby Soother
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Baby Soother

Some of the sounds included are:-

  • White Noise – This simulates the sound in the womb and can be very reassuring to your little one (this is my boys and my favourite sound).
  • Heartbeat – Again a sound your baby will have heard constantly in the womb making them feel more secure.
  • Washing Machine – Believe it or not the noise does help.
  • The Ocean, Running Water, A Stream, A Waterfall – These calming sounds may not help you (it made me want to run to the toilet, but it certainly helped my little one calm down and go to sleep).
  • Hair Dryer, Vacuum Cleaner – Another popular one which helps with sleeping and also save the motor in your electrical items!
  • And a few more…

If you have any requests that you would like to see or come across any problems, please do not hesitate to ask (either through the contact me in my app or the contact developer link below) and I will quickly respond and see how I can help.

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