Knots and Crosses Knots and Crosses Knots and Crosses Knots and Crosses

Knots and Crosses, Noughts and Crosses, Tic Tac Toe.
Whatever you call it, this is a simple version of this very addictive game.
You can play on your own, against the computer who intelligently tries to beat you (rather than just randomly picking spaces) or play against a friend.

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  • Achievements - Earn them all and raise your Google gamer profile experience points (XP) in the process.
  • High scores - Compete against others around the world for the top spot!
  • Online play - don't want to play your friend by passing the phone/tablet over (or can't), play them online or against others that are nowhere near you.
  • Time Trial - Try to beat Android as the time ticks down, can you handle the pressure of winning against the clock?

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